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HR Work

At Premier Investigations, we offer a completely confidential and impartial approach to all of your HR dispute problems.

There are often a number of questions when it comes to internal investigations, such as who do I appoint to deal with it ? What approach should I take ? Who else needs to be involved ? How do I retain impartiality and confidentiality ?

This is where Premier Investigations offer a new solution. We can  assist with your concerns if you appoint our internal investigators, who have the confidence of being  able to call upon quality HR advice or who can work alongside company HR teams.

Having years of experience carrying out protracted and complex investigations, this allows us to get to the root cause of the matter efficiently, whilst providing ongoing advice on the progression of each enquiry. We can gather independent expert HR guidance or work alongside your HR team. It is completely your choice.

We understand that investigations can result in stress and disruption in the workplace, which is why it is our goal to ensure they are carried out effectively. Investigations into grievance and disciplinary matters can be extremely demanding of time and attention, which is why many employers choose to use external companies, such as Premier Investigations.

Without consistency within the quality of work produced for investigations, you could end up more vulnerable to appeals, tribunals and even damaging the reputation and brand of the company.