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Industrial and Road Accident Investigation and Review

Thousands of accidents occur throughout the UK every year which effect many with ongoing injuries, resulting in loss of the ability to work.

Our assistance incorporates working alongside household, motor and corporate insurance companies, as well as solicitors, and private individuals.

Although road incidents account for the majority of our work in this sector, we also have experience of investigating workplace or industrial accidents and public liability claims (slips, trips and falls). We will work closely with insurance companies to investigate any fraudulent insurance claims.

Our records for carrying out professional, thorough investigations are set to an extremely high standard, which is why each of our services can be adapted to suit your needs and requirements.

Insurance Claims

Road Accidents

Our investigators understand that being involved in a road accident can be a stressful time and can result in litigation.

We are highly experienced private investigators who have extensive skills to conduct fully independent and thorough road accident investigations, which helps to establish the full extent of what has happened, whilst giving an independent opinion on civil liability.


Fraudulent insurance claims are a growing problem in the UK, and it is estimated that as many as 10% of British adults have submitted a fraudulent claim at some point in their lives. With growing court awards and injured parties becoming increasingly more aware of high compensation pay outs, it is looking likely that our claims culture will continue to grow.

We act on behalf of many leading household insurance companies to investigate any suspicious and potentially fraudulent claims. We present our findings in a comprehensive report that will be admissible in court or at tribunal.


Evidence gathered through surveillance can often be the most effective and objective in a court of law. This type of evidence can help prove or disprove cases where appropriate.

Each of our experienced investigators are professionally trained in this type of investigation, and have all of the essential experience required to bring your investigation to a successful conclusion.

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