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Discreet Monitoring

The use of evidence gathered through surveillance is often the most compelling and objective available for use in a court of law. If appropriate investigative practises have been carried out, the information supplied can often help prove or disprove cases.

We regularly use photography and videography surveillance equipment to gather evidence that otherwise could be difficult to obtain. Each of our experienced investigators are professionally trained in this type of investigation. They have the necessary experience required to bring your investigation to a successful conclusion.


We understand that doubting the faithfulness of your partner can occur, and each of our investigators are empathetic to all the issues that you may be facing. They will also ensure 100% confidentiality is maintained throughout the process, while they collate all evidence.

Suspicions often arise due to behavioural changes in a partner, and it can be unclear whether the changes are as innocent as your other half may claim. You may believe that your partner is being unfaithful or hiding something from you and feel that you need proof. Having all of the facts alongside the proof of their actions will allow you to resolve all concerns and, if necessary, confront the problem.

Our professional team are specialised in conducting confidential enquiries and can tailor each investigation to the needs of the client. They are also able to provide the necessary evidence to allow you to come to a successful conclusion.


When you separate/divorce your partner and you have young children, either party has responsibility to help with the financial maintenance for the main carer with custody of the children. However, if your ex-partner meets a new partner and they decide to live together, maintenance payments may be affected.

We can carry out co-habitation investigations to provide you with firm evidence on whether your ex-partner is co-habiting. This service is offered as often people may withhold information on whether they are co-habiting, which can lead to overpayment or underpayments relating to maintenance.

It is crucial that evidence is presented in an acceptable format for court and that all current laws have been adhered to, to ensure evidence is fully secure.

Co-habitation investigations can also assist with sensitive custody matters. Let us know your circumstances and we can advise the best way forward for you.

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